Tribute to Frank Shostak: A Great South African Thinker


Frank Shostak

Frank Shostak lives in Australia.  He is a professional economist and an adjunct scholar of the Mises Institute.  But, unknown to many, he’s also a South African.  Shostak was chief economist for Joburg-based consulting firm Econometrix in the 1980’s before emigrating to Oz and being replaced in the role by top economist Dr. Azar Jammine.  Most importantly though, Shostak is a great thinker and a long-serving advocate of economic freedom.

Human Action has decided to honour this great South African by posting links to some of his best work for the Mises Institute.  Shostak has done some extraordinarily good work on real savings, credit and inflation, the source of real growth, and money supply.  Take time to work through his articles and come to appreciate that this is a man who has a profound understanding of the real wealth creation process.

This is one South African we need to give real economic advice to our leaders.


  1. Where Is the US Economy Heading?  Dec, 2009
  2. Does a Fall in Credit Lead to Deflation?  Oct, 2009
  3. Does a Liquidity Trap Pose a Threat?  Oct, 2009
  4. Is the Fed’s Pumping Inflationary?  Sep, 2009
  5. Does Loose Monetary Policy Cause Economic Growth?  Sep, 2009
  6. What is the Condition of U.S. Savings?  Aug, 2009
  7. Can More Inflation Revive the US Economy?  Jun, 2009
  8. Can Fiscal Stimulus Revive the US Economy?  Jan, 2009
  9. Good and Bad Credit  Oct, 2008
  10. The Rescue Package Will Delay Recovery  Sep, 2008

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