Gold Loves...

Gold loves sovereign debt crises and bailouts to infinity.

Gold loves bad government and a take-the-easy-road culture.

Gold loves a defaulting Greece.

Gold loves the surging UK Lib Dems.

Gold LOVES Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama.

Gold loves ignorance.  Gold loves that so few love gold.

Gold loves a bankrupt California and potholes on US roads.

Gold loves Goldman Sachs and Hank P and the Washington-Wall St old boys club.

Gold loves fiscal ’stimulus’ and social welfare.  It adores pork barrel projects and lobbying favours.

Gold loves IMF bailouts.

Gold loves falling mining output.

Gold loves ETF contracts exceeding the underlying physical bullion.

Gold loves war.

Gold loves the printing press.

Gold loves Richard Nixon.

Gold loves failing paper currencies and other worthless pieces of paper called government bonds.

Gold loves tyranny and state force and central bank fraud.

Gold loves Gideon Gono.

Gold loves 5000 years of monetary history.

Gold loves Chinese and Indian central bankers.

Gold loves the idea of a Fed audit and loves even more the idea of a full audit of Fort Knox.

Gold loves property bubbles and property collapses.

Gold loves Keynes and his blind disciples.

Gold loves GATA and James Turk and

Gold loves bullion banking.

Gold loves 0% interest rates.

Gold loves Janet Yellen appointed to the Fed.

Gold loves airline and motor car bailouts.

Gold loves dollar weakness and dollar ‘strength’.

Gold loves BRIC countries diversifying away from the dollar and gold loves an Arab monetary union based on bullion.

Gold loves Chinese monetary stimulus and Japan’s ‘war against deflation’.

Gold loves silver and silver loves gold.

Gold loves the world and all its failed economic policies…

…and that’s why we love gold.

3 Responses to “Gold Loves…”

  1. gold coins says:

    There are many reasons why Gold loves it. Actually, it is good to know about this details.

  2. Simplicius says:

    What do I need to do to swop my stack of ZAR200 paper currency for gold coins? (This assumes that current R200 notes are stil currency.)