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This year is already two thirds down and before we know it we’ll be singing auld lang syne arm in arm with some guy we’ve never met at some party we never planned to be at.  Between now and then though a lot still has to unfold.  The SA Reserve Bank has yet to decide that monetary stability is like totally like so 19th Century, Cosatu and its legislative cronies in parliament will destroy more jobs, the Federal Reserve has a lot of tricks up its sleeve still in Q3 and Q4, and the US voter Lemmings go to polls in Congressional and Gubernatorial run-offs which are likely to deliver possibly the least influential result on an underlying moribund economy in the history of the sagging Republic.

In anticipation of all this fun, we thought we’d quickly recap the year so far by re-posting our 10 favourite posts of 2010 thus far.  Call it ’spring entertainment with a dash of self-promotion for the SA Blog Awards’.


10. The state needs a lesson in humility
Why collapsing services and a faltering bureaucracy are actually a blessing in disguise. 

9. Zim government is at it again
Monetary freedom is in the grasp of our beleaguered neighbour.  Let’s hope it doesn’t once again choose serfdom.

8. Becoming an economic growth hare
Why South Africa needs to adopt the Hong Kong model…URGENTLY!

7. State of the Debtor Nation
Hey America, It’s the Debt Stupid!

6. IP is cronyism dressed up as freedom
Scarcity is the basis for property rights.  Ideas are economically non-scarce things.  Intellectual property therefore is nothing more than state protected privilege.

5. Understanding the Zim hyperinflation
Why is it that most people you ask still do not understand why Zimbabwe suffered such a brutal and crippling hyper-inflation?

4. Dream Speech
JZ gets fired up for freedom in 2010!

3. The market will defeat the war on drugs
JGalt at his libertarian best showing again why the arguments for criminalising drug use are just so weak.

2. SARB nationalisation debate is irrelevant
Some are incensed that the SARB, supposedly the ‘custodian’ of South African prosperity, is still a ‘privately owned’ company.  Forget that.  The Bank is fully state-controlled and has a monopoly in money production and interest rate setting.  Forget nationalisation, the SARB should be investigated by the Competition Commission.

1. Wimpyflation
No.1 for 2010 so far…Why saving your money in gold is a great retirement strategy. Heck, 30 years from now you’ll be eating like a king!

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