Calling all eloquent freedom-lovers

This is a message from Freeman and JGalt to our faithful readers out there.

We are looking for creative, imaginative, and intelligent contributors to Human Action.  If you would like to write and post articles about economic freedom and become a permanent contributor on Human Action, then let us know by emailing…

jgalt [at] humanaction [dot] co [dot] za


  1. You have to post your own work
  2. You may freely post your posts on any other website/blogsite
  3. You would have to post a minimum of 1 post per month
  4. You will first need to email us your posts for a few weeks so we can assess whether you’d be a worthy Human Action contributor!
  5. Once approved you will need to choose a pseudonym/nickname (Human Action only uses pseudonyms)
  6. You will then be assigned an account on the Human Action back-end allowing you to do blog posts at will!


  1. Understand and support Austro-libertarian principals of economic and personal freedom
  2. Write well (written English needs to be good)
  3. Can be from anywhere in the world, but we do have a South-African bent!

Pay you will receive:

  1. In monetary terms, zero!
  2. The satisfaction of teaching and spreading the idea of liberty and true freedom!

So if you are keen to get involved and spread the word of freedom and economic sanity to the world, then get hold of us and show us what you got!

Freeman and JGalt
Human Action
South Africa

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