Fox News, Goebbels would be truly proud

Am absolutely gobsmacked after watching this video.  Joseph Goebbels the Nazi propaganda minister would have been truly proud of this work, I’m sure.  If you didn’t believe big media falsified the news to protect the political establishment, you need to watch this 6min video.  Even if you knew it, you still need to watch this.

The tapeworms in the US government and their big business cronies are clearly very worried that Ron Paul is going to expose their evil and corrupt economic system should he ever take the helm, as he teaches people about true principles of liberty and freedom.

Can something like this open the eyes of the public and lead to a quick loss of confidence in firstly the US government and then the US government’s currency, the US dollar?  Probably not this time, but the risk that the public wakes up grows every day, which is why the cronies are shaking in their boots.

This is a symptom of a collapsing and desperate government.

I smell a second American revolution.


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