In the news: Where's the US intervention in Bahrain?

How’s this for hypocrisy from the “free-world”?  The minority religious Sunni rulers of Bahrain have called in Saudi troops to control the public, have shot and murdered peaceful and unarmed protesters in cold blood, and now arrested six opposition leaders.  The majority of the population, people of Shiite Islam religion, that have no political representation are demanding more representation and an even playing field.  For this, they get shot. To see what I mean, watch this very well done documentary by Al-Jazeera currently airing.

Yet mum is the world out the halls of Washington.

Meanwhile, the US now backs military strikes on Libyan airforce bases to institute a no-fly zone as Muammar Gaddafi fights back the rebels and takes back previously lost territories.

Bahrain and Saudi are US backed regimes, while Muammar’s regime – surprise surprise – isn’t.  As freeman just ranted, “you see, modern foreign policy is really a game of pick and choose: yes, we like you, no, we don’t like you. All principles of fairness, liberty and freedom have been lost to the principles of paid-for friends and tyranny.”

The real scary thing is that troughout all of this, Arabs can, for the first time, watch the revolution and hypocrisy of their leaders from within their homes on Al-Jazeera news network.  And what’s more, Al-Jazeera’s view is neutral and unbiased, unlike the neocon and warmongering CNN and Sky news networks.  This will be fuelling resentment toward the American colonial empire to epic proportions among the Arab world, against their rulers who are kept in power by the US.  It will call another great jihad of people the west would call “terrorists” to free their brothers from tyranny and oppression from this group of people. From the FT today (yip, these headlines were a pair just as they are shown here):


Actually, no, for you dear reader, that Al-Jazeera documentary is embedded below.  It is half an hour long but certainly worth a watch.  Look out for the scene where peaceful protesters get mowed down by machine-gun fire in the streets about 4.50 mins in.

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