Former CIA analyst on the truth of Libya

Former CIA analyst, Michael Scheuer, tells it like it is to his hosts at CNN.

As we had previously said, Scheuer also feels this will drive another major resistance movement (aka jihad) against the US-led West.  He also says that while some Americans may be fooled by the fact that NATO gives the US cover to bypass Congress to start illegal foreign wars, making these Americans believe that this is truly a US humanitarian effort, those who sympathise with the Arab world aren’t fooled.  There’s some more to the clip and it’s worth the 6 minutes or so, if only to see the CNN host’s response to Scheuer telling her she’s just “carrying the water for Obama.”

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UPDATE (Freeman): This is such a telling interview for so many reasons. Despite all the evidence stacking up, the CNN Obama mouthpuppets can’t quite accept what’s going on over in Libya. It doesn’t fit into their neat little “America is the beacon of global peace and goodness” paradigm. Bush’s wars were neo-con crusades by a bunch of stupid white men. Obama’s wars are multilateral ‘liberation’ struggles on behalf of poor, weak, oppressed people led by sophisticated, intelligent new-age leaders. Same result: Arab Muslims die, US bombs another oil producing nation, Al Qaeda and Muslim radicals gain more strategic power and the Muslim world hates America more. Hit the repeat button for identical results.

Equally as telling here is how sanitised and boxed the news anchors are. They simply can’t deal with a direct and clear point of view. Basically they don’t really care about the guys opinion, only that he looks like he knows what he’s talking about and sprouts off the same diatriberous drivel so that a dumb audience can feel as though they are responsible and intelligent adults for watching and engaging such earnestly serious issues on such a serious and earnest and professional and serious channel like CNN.

Moreover what we get from our pretty reporters is the standard way of thinking among the mainstream US intelligencia: America = good. Horrible, ugly guy in the desert = bad. Good guys have the moral authority to bomb, kill, invade, slaughter, arm rebels, pump oil, set up central banks in rebel terrible stronghold and set up another US puppet state.  Bad guys have the moral authority to get bombed and die.

Final telling point: Why is the CIA on the ground?  Because they don’t even know who’s good or bad.  All they know is Gaddafi = bad, and therefore has the right to get bombed and die.  Thereafter, as long as we can find someone willing to prostitute themselves for a large paycheck and cow tow to US interests, then the good guy has succeeded in making the world a safer place for all.  Mmmm, funny how this strategy always seems to need another was/invasion/bombing when the prostitute turns out to be as nasty a piece of work as the guy before him.

Never mind, roll up your sleeves and invade!

This is short 7 minute interview should leave one with no misconceptions: mainstream news is beyond useless, mainstream news is pure theatre, mainstream news anchors have no ability to engage constructively with uncomfortable opinion, mainstream media (knowingly or not) does the state’s bidding.

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