Calling All South African Libertarian Lawyers

There seems to be a thriving libertarian legal tradition abroad.  The Mises Institute for one champions the cause of free market courts, libertarian natural law, and free market property rights to great effect.  Lawyers like Stephen Kinsella and others are routinely exposing the current system for what it is, logically refuting bad law, and providing a hugely valuable service in the cause of liberty. One such area of great intellectual innovation for example has been in refuting the statist edifice of intellectual property.

Now, while these lawyers apply most of their thought to US or European law, they nonetheless provide a valuable service to all of us around the world advancing the cause of liberty.  Good laws are not only good in America or Britain, but everywhere. 

However, we at HA believe that South Africa needs it’s own libertarian legal tradition in order to make the theory relevant for a South African context and challenge bad South African laws as the tyranny of the executive, the parliament, and the judiciary increases.

We can and must by all means import good ideas from abroad, but we need to apply them locally, not only to change our society for the better, but to educate people in the fundamental tenets of freedom, rights and responsibility.


These don’t have to be South African citizens, but merely lawyers living in South Africa, advancing the cause of libertarian law and exposing the strengths and weaknesses of our constitution, our system of property rights and IP, and the tyranny of the state-run courts.

It is easy to get all hot and bothered about the various high-profile assaults on media free speech by the state, but what we really need in SA are bright, uncompromising libertarian legal minds to expose ALL the nonsense that goes unreported and unfretted over because its not some easy-to-digest cause du jour.

Our appeal to readers therefore is to point us in the direction of local, genuinely libertarian lawyers who are committed to advancing the course of liberty in the realm of law and with a vision of reforming SA law in favour of individual freedom.

The more lawyers we have in SA who have broken free from the shackles of stultifying mainstream legal application, the better off we all will be.  It’s time for lawyers who will challenge the very core of our constitutional fabric, expose the illegal rot in our jurisprudential system, and propose a better way forward.  And it’s time that these people make themselves known and prominent to attract funding for their cause.

Libertarian lawyers in South Africa: Come out wherever you are!

South Africa has produced some fine legal minds over the centuries, but now more than ever we DON’T NEED MORE LAWYERS, we need more LIBERTARIAN LAWYERS.


UPDATE: Lawyer Surplus and Only Lawyers Can Fix Problem Created By Lawyers

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