Farewell, middle-class Briton

Your power elites have sold you down the river by printing up billions of paper pounds in the past few years to bail themselves out, after printing trillions of pounds in the past few decades to enrich themselves at your expense.  They have corrupted your nation’s currency, and with it, corrupted your society’s moral compass.  Private property rights have been destroyed, as the value of your savings have been stolen from you by the money printing classes.

Now, as freeman just pointed out, your housing market is in dire straights, and the youth aren’t able or willing to buy their own home.  This means the credit driven ponzi housing market is seeing a dimishing inflow of new purchases and leveraged cash, and that house prices may tumble much further as default rates soar, causing another banking crisis. This means the power elite and banksters will require another round of money printing to protect their interests, driving another nail into the coffin of the British middle class.

The FT heading below is misleading, there is no consumer recovery, we are witnessing consumer destruction.  All the gains and wealth created by the British people since the industrial revolution is being destroyed right now, and it will happen much faster than it was created.  If you are living in the UK today, and you’re not feeling it just yet, it should become much more evident in the not-too-distant future.  The UK is locked-and-loaded for a spectacular fiscal crisis ala Greece and Ireland, which will bring about a hyperinflation of the pound sterling.


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