Fed propaganda from the 1920’s

Liberty Street Economics, the blog bought to you by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, ran a piece a month ago showing Fed ‘advertisements‘ from the 1920’s.

Liberty Street Econ looks back on this with a quaint nostalgia, ignoring, as of course it would, the fact that these posters are complete propaganda at a time when people still needed convincing of the need for a central bank.  Would that it would still need these posters today, because at least it would mean that people didn’t uniformly and unquestioningly accept the existence of the Fed and central banking general.

Either way you look at it, the posters (and much else) worked and the Fed became the darling of the public for the next 90 years… That is until Ron Paul and others started gaining popularity for their END THE FED campaign in the wake of a financial crisis that the central bankers didn’t even see coming even though they created it!

Here’s one of the posters…


See all the posters here.

[Thanks LRC]

2 Responses to “Fed propaganda from the 1920’s”

  1. Bokkeman says:

    I don’t believe that the central bankers didn’t see the financial crisis coming – more likely they engineered it to happen “just so”. The 2008 round was to swindle 100’s of billions from the taxpayer with the help of their paid lackeys in government, but the next one … oooh! the next one is going to be a knock-out! I wonder how long before they show their hand and reveal to the world the true reasons for destroying the world economy?

    • JGalt says:

      “It’s the biggest bank robbery in history, and the banks are doing the robbing.”
      ~ Gerald Celente