So this is what a no-fly zone looks like?

Tripoli gets hit with the heaviest bombardment yet yesterday.  Sky news reports 60 bombs were dropped and estimates are that 31 people were killed yesterday alone.

The no-fly zone has clearly turned into a full-on war on the Libyan regime.  For three months now, innocent civilians have been slaughtered left right and centre, as foreigners are determined to oust one guy, Muammar Gaddafi.  There was no violent clashes and unnecessary murders before March 19, that is, before NATO forces stepped in.  Gaddafi was not, murdering innocent civilians like this before the war started, as the media would have you believe.

Killing innocent civilians to get at someone else is absolutely unacceptable in a free society. It constitutes murder, plain and simple.  This is why the NATO gang are war criminals.  They murder countless innocent individuals to get to one person.  Furthermore, why should they even be trying to kill a guy like Gaddafi in the first place?  Shouldn’t he rather be captured alive and put on trial if he committed crimes as claimed?

Also, do you think people who have lost their wives, husbands and children due to NATO bombardment will be happy with this foreign invasion?  Do you think they’re gonna have a score to settle with NATO after this?  Yet, when they do settle the score, the West will whine that foreigners “hate our liberties and freedom.”

Gaddafi defiant as Nato strikes intensify

By Michael Peel in Abu Dhabi and Daniel Dombey in Washington

Published: June 7 2011 19:43 | Last updated: June 7 2011 19:43

Nato air strikes pounded Tripoli with the heaviest bombardment of the alliance’s 11-week Libya campaign, as Colonel Muammer Gaddafi vowed to fight to the death against intensifying efforts to oust him.

The aircraft launched more than two dozen strikes throughout the day on Tuesday on the area around the leader’s compound and other targets as leading world powers upped the diplomatic pressure for him to stand down.

The escalating Nato action – which critics say has gone beyond the military alliance’s UN mandate to protect civilians – comes amid other signs of a weakening in Col Gaddafi’s resistance to an almost three-month rebel uprising against his 41-year rule.

Nato aircraft had launched at least 27 strikes by mid-afternoon, reporters in Tripoli said, with smoke visible above Col Gaddafi’s sprawling and heavily fortified Bab al-Aziziya compound. State television said some bombs had hit the compound, while a government spokesman said others were targeted at a barracks nearby hit by previous air strikes.

The fresh strikes came as President Barack Obama gave an upbeat assessment of progress in the military action against Col Gaddafi’s forces, and called on Germany to join other US allies in preparing for life after the regime.

“It is just a matter of time before [Col] Gaddafi goes,” the US leader told reporters at a joint news conference with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor.

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