Video(s) of the day: Ron Paul's economic predictions

Bob Wenzel writes this morning about the great video clip about Ron Paul’s economic predictions below:

[The clip] also shows that the byproduct of Ron Paul’s deep understanding is that he is the greatest economic forecaster to ever serve in Congress. There are some really amazing moments in this video, be sure to watch the entire 15 minutes.

As you will see in the clip, Ron Paul makes Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, who most investors, traders and even economists regard two of the leading economists on the planet, look like bumbling idiots when it comes to making economic predictions.   In 2001, Ron Paul predicted a severe fallout from a gigantic housing bubble. In 2005, Bernanke is on the record saying house prices will not fall.  Good luck if you’re placing your faith in The Bernank to get us out of this mess — him and his pals got us into it!!

Watch the clip and see for yourself.

And if you have no idea who Ron Paul is, see the following compilation on the Age of Ron Paul below.  It is an enjoyable clip as well.

h/t EPJ

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