Malema to the next level of evil

Julius Malema is taking it to the next level of evil.  He said today:

“One of the things I’ve learnt in my short life in politics is the ability to live in the conditions of capitalism while fighting it and defeating it,” he told reporters in Johannesburg.

What are the conditions of capitalism, Julius?  The production and capital structure that brings you flights around the world, a motor vehicle to commute in, shopping malls, a cellphone with battery life, your local grocer filled with exactly the products you demand, over 100 satellite fed television channels on your television at home, and a microphone and speakers to spew your terrible socialist garbage onto the world?

Are you saying it is your goal to introduce us all to food lines and product rationing and to take all these products away from us?

You really are an evil guy, boet.

One Response to “Malema to the next level of evil”

  1. Hard Rain says:

    One has to learn how to live in multi-million Rand houses and enjoy lengthy stays at classy game reserves and health spas? My my…