South Sudan: Welcome to a new slavery

While the hearty congratulations are ringing loud and clear about the independence of South Sudan, we remain rather more cynical.

Congratulations South Sudan, now you have your very own and autonomous cronyist, thieving, money printing, wealth destroying, coercive state, added to the long list of African regimes that terrorise, dominate, and enslave their people and concentrate wealth within the hands of the state clique.  Now the theft has been decentralised.  Now we can call your wars with the north actual war not just civil war.  Now you can debauch your own currency at will, and let your leaders siphon funds out of your oil wells for their personal Swiss bank accounts.

Now you can hoist a big nationalist flag above your capital and swear allegiance to it, get taxed by it, and die for it.

I hope we are being far too pessimistic, but precedent suggests not.

Like happens all too often, what starts out as a cry for freedom, ends up a smothered whimper under the heavy and tyranical hand of the state.

World, say hello to South Sudan, yet another addition to a club we don’t need more of: States.

2 Responses to “South Sudan: Welcome to a new slavery”

  1. Hard Rain says:

    “World, say hello to South Sudan, yet another addition to a club we don’t need more of: States.”

    I take a contrarian view on this one. I think more states are better than fewer states; the expression of secession should be encouraged and, ultimately, we need 7 billion states :-)

    • JGalt says:

      Totally agree with you Hard Rain, 7 billion individual states is my vision of utopia too!