Blaming it on apartheid

The more the present regime blames absolutely everything on apartheid, the more people they are actually getting to believe them.

Peet van Aardt has written an article for news24 wherein he makes the case that because he benefitted from apartheid, that all white people should pay more taxes as per Desmond Tutu’s wish.

To argue on your superficial and topical level: How much did our sport stars, who weren’t able to get any exposure on an international level and hence not earn an internationally competitive salary, benefit?

In your proposed social engineering-restitution experiment should our past sport stars such as Danie Gerber not maybe also be compensated for this loss during apartheid?  Are they not also “previously disadvantaged?”

If you benefited, while a guy like Danie Gerber didn’t, why don’t you pay a portion of your salary over to him every month?  Why should all whites pay a redistributive flat-tax?

Also, why does no-one seem to ask the question of why the government should manage the great white-black redistribution? Why can’t the admitted guilty white apartheid benefactors such as Peet not manage the process.  Wouldn’t this at least be a little more efficient?

Once, again, people keep overlooking the fact that apartheid was not a white vs black issue, but rather that it was the government vs all. Nothing has changed.

Forcing whites to pay higher taxes and redistribute to “previously disadvantaged” will only make our problems worse.

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3 Responses to “Blaming it on apartheid”

  1. ad says:

    Good points JGalt,

    My grandfather started a business in the Eastern Cape in 1932 and built it up over 40 years. Along comes the NP and Homeland cronies and decimated his business and contracts he had worked his entire life for. In the end his businesses were worth nothing. Apartheid ensured I had no inheritance; the unmentioned other side of apartheid.

    Peet van Aardt, Desmond Tutu, the NP, The ANC can all go … themselves as far as I am concerned.

  2. Hard Rain says:

    From a friend of mine to Tutu: “I have nothing for you to take, you thieving theological mandarin, arch-despot of the kangaroo court that exonerated the criminal masterminds behind Apartheid and passed the blame onto everyone of a certain ethnic group. Go ask Malema about his son’s trust fund.”

  3. devrije says:

    Peet van Aardt has clearly built up too much gas over years which has resulted in da huge brain FAART ! He joins a special group of co FAARTERS, Zuma, Malema, Tutu and Ehrenreich in competing for this years FAARTER of the year award.