Strong rand here to stay

“Rand stronger for longer,” says Greta Steyn.

We’ve been saying this f o r e v e r.

3 Responses to “Strong rand here to stay”

  1. grvdigga says:

    The perception out there amongst the vast majority of South Africans is that the Rand can only weaken because we are a “3rd world” country and African to boot.

    Whats going to be interesting is how unions react to the stronger and stronger Rand. The SARB will try to intervene but its efforts will have a shorter and shorter half-life.

  2. PaulFCannell says:

    This women has annoyed me for years. She gets to reach the man on the street with incorrect information. Her article doesnt tell me that she “gets it”. When she cottons onto the fact that this is the underlying cause of inflation THEN maybe she will be worth reading. But comments like “When it does, money will flow into dollars again and the rand will weaken” following on from talk of when the US rates rise tells me she doesnt get it. So the US raises rates to 0,5% I dont think people will rush to buy dollars

  3. Hard Rain says:

    “The second round, known as QE2, gave rise to a lot of criticism because there were fears that this rapid expansion of the money supply would ignite inflation. But that hasn’t been the case, and the Fed chief’s judgement appeared to be spot on. ”

    Oh Greta, not paying attention to the gold price, I see…