Friends, it is with regret that I write to inform you that the days of are over. We have had a great two years blogging about economic freedom, and making some of the most accurate economic predictions in this country but sadly, governments are creating so much instability that demand for our professional services are flourishing. Also, there is much happening in our personal lives and this is just crowding out blog time, much as government spending destroys the more efficient and productive private sector.

Thanks to all our loyal readers and commenters, we have learnt a great deal in this blogging chapter of our lives.

We leave you in peace and freedom, as we go about creating prosperity for ourselves, our families and business colleagues.

Best wishes,

JGalt and Freeman

8 Responses to “RIP,”

  1. cleverchick says:

    Best of luck you two, I am rather upset about not being able to educate myself via your blogs, but I hope maybe we will hear from you again in the future?

  2. marcopolo says:

    Signed up just to say goodbye. All the best, and thanks for providing one of the most intelligent, thought provoking blogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Cheers.

  3. degonz says:

    Thanks a lot for everything. You have given us some amazing insight in the last two years and you have personally changed my thinking on investments. There is so much wisdom on this website

    One last request – if at possible please leave the website active so that people can access the vast amount of old articles, which are priceless.

    • freeman says:

      Thank you for the kind words. We will certainly leave the site live and will probably try structure the site so that archives are easier to see and navigate around.


  4. Bokkeman says:

    Thanks, guys, it’s been real. All the best in your other ventures.


  5. DeLaBoertjie says:


    It was wonderful to follow your blog – refreshing, entertaining, highly informative. I’m really sad that I discovered it so late.

    Good luck with those other priorities and all the best with continuing to exposing the government-created instabilities through your work.

    This was – and still is – my top-rated South African economic commentary site.

  6. DeLaBoertjie says:


  7. Hard Rain says:

    Folks, head on over to:

    That site has multiple contributors and will pick up in December when more of us have some time off to write :-)