Update: Climategate

Global Warming denialists continue to break the leaked CRU data and emails apart, piece by piece, in the process exposing the hidden agenda of our ‘leaders’ and top scientists. Human Action discussed the topic here the other day. Project Mayhem at Zero Hedge did a great expose on the subject today.

Find it here. It’s worth the read. It is very unfortunate, but science has been used as a means to a political end. What is even more unfortunate is that science has become democratic – the more scientists agree, the more it becomes the ‘truth’, nevermind whether they’re right or not. This doesn’t only apply to the natural sciences, but also to the social sciences. How else do you think guys like Ludwig von Mises and Peter Schiff could still be ignored in the economics profession?

For more in-depth coverage: http://wattsupwiththat.com/; http://smalldeadanimals.com/; http://climateaudit.org/

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